CS Cubed Group (CSCG) LLC consultants provide R&D and strategic consulting to science and technology performers and leaders in: academia, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations in the development of computer and information science and technology projects.

The emergence of cyberinfrastructure and cybersciences, as it pertains to a host of research, education and business activities, provides the impetus for this consulting firm to offer its insights, experience and contacts to help improve organizational planning, implementation and competitiveness.

The CSCG is committed to full-service consulting for it’s client’s total life-cycle needs: from the planning stage to project marketing and through project implementation.

New Initiative July, 2010: SMarTRE Tools: Smart Marketing Tools for Real Estate
  • The SMarTRE (Pronounced Smarter) Tools package uses proprietary software algorithms and systems to generate innovative marketing products for real estate professionals.
  • The heart of the system is a proprietary software package, Photo Data and Area Builder (PhoDAB), that was designed and developed by the intensive collaboration of Mel Ciment and Seth Katz over the past 10 years and applied in Barbara Ciment’s very successful real estate practice.
    • PhoDAB and its precursor applications, have been key to the marketing success leading Barbara Ciment’s Team to achieving over $300 Million in closed sales from over 1,000 transactions